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is a German politician, entrepreneur and media and telecommunications innovator. He is founder of the strategy consultancy Dr. Schwarz-Schilling & Partner GmbH, served as a member of the Television Council of the public service TV station ZDF and was chairman of the Research Enquete-Commission and Research Committee on New Information and Communication Technology of the German Bundestag. Mr Schwarz-Schilling was Federal Minister for Post- and Telecommunication and chairman of the committee on Human Rights and Humanitarian Aids in the German Bundestag, High Representative (OHR) and EU’s special representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina.




is founder, owner and chairman of FSHD Unlimited, a bio-tech start-up which develops a causal therapy for the muscular dystrophy FSHD. He was an Executive-in-Residence at IMD International in Switzerland and Co-director of the IMD Global Center. Prior to IMD, Mr van der Graaf’s career spanned over 30 years with UNILEVER as president of UNILEVER Europe and member of their executive board. He holds director-ships with GrandVision NV, Carlsberg and EnPro. He has extensive experience as an executive manager in global public corporations, geographic knowledge and management experience in European markets, business environments and practices.



is a German journalist. He was Editor-in-Chief of several magazines for 40 years and founded the weekly news magazine FOCUS he still is the publisher of. He is one of the founding members of several successful radio stations such as Antenne Bayern, Radio Gong and Radio FFH, where he has been an active board member ever since. Mr Markwort is also one of the owners of the TV channel München TV and has been the host of the weekly show “Sonntags-Stammtisch” on Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) for the past 8 years. He is a member of the liberal Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP).



is Managing Director of Dr. Schwarz-Schilling & Partner GmbH. He studied Economics with a focus on Game Theory and joined the company in 1999, being responsible for the development of the company’s management strategy business and the internationalisation of the company’s engagement in Eastern Europe, Northern Africa, Central Asia, China and the Middle East. Mr Taner has completed numerous project assignments on behalf of international companies and international governmental entities, holds a position on the supervisory board of eFulfillment GmbH and is member of the Director’s Board at the Mobile Virtual Network Operator Lebara Germany Limited.