A great idea, three men venturing into independence and a compact team of clever minds, nerds and creatives.

Everything started in the southern Styrian municipality of Markt Hartmannsdorf in a former food store. That was in August 2015, when C3 Loyalty Services was officially registered. Two years later the release candidate of the next generation customer loyalty program was successfully done. All C3 - employees are working on the final steps to start the first market. 




While most loyalty programmes encourage customers’ loyalty to only one specific company and only reach out to existing customers, we wanted a programme that united different retailers from different segments, thus increase the effects for each retailer by reaching consumers they otherwise are not able to. A programme that does not tie customers to one particular retailer but allows them to choose from a number of companies covering daily needs to save money (Cashback) with only one card or app.

C3 works with market leaders in consumer segments covering daily needs – ranging from food, cosmetics and telecommunication products, to fuel, electricity and fashion – delivering the right offer at the right time to the right customer.

We care about the well-being of our retailers for the well-being of customers.