The digital transformation has made it easier for customers to obtain information, and today’s customers are better informed than ever.

Customers know more about a product’s or service’s strengths and weaknesses and the numerous competitive alternatives than most retailers know themselves. Most customers have already completed their purchase decision-making process by the time they enter a shop and know exactly what they want, and what they don’t want. Yet, customer’s greatest challenge remains to find the right and best offer in the most efficient and convenient way. After all, people are busy and have not much time to sift through the volumes of information and offers.


Consumers have desires and needs – and those need to be met. But while a certain shopping experience might be absolutely fulfilling for one person, the same experience could be entirely unsatisfactory for another. After all, people change their individual behaviour in everyday life as individual needs differ per situation and moment.

We thus believe a future-oriented service especially is tailored to individual needs, makes life easier as it saves time and money and brings joy as it makes everyday shopping an experience. This is where our programme comes in…



Most people, regardless of gender and age, have on average a handful of shopping cards in their wallets. These cards, however, only bring benefits at the respective partner. But we all have to run errands almost every day and for that have to visit multiple shops. Even market research shows that consumers want a card that is valid at as many retailers as possible.

Our programme is specifically designed to meet individual needs, it is available as a card for the tangible, as an app for the mobile and online for the virtual shopping experience, and it is valid at all our partners covering everyday necessities – ranging from food, drug stores and telecommunication products, to fuel, electricity and fashion. And what’s best: You save money while you are spending it!

But how is meeting individual needs possible? According to customers’ individual interests, we are able to narrow down the countless offers customers are flooded with and deliver the right offers to the right people and thus create personalised experiences instore, online and on one’s mobile phone.

Our programme is designed with the overall purpose of making shopping an enjoyable and tailored experience.



All data protection matters are reviewed, assessed and managed by the Austrian regulatory body for data protection (ARGE Daten). In addition, the C3-Holding GmbH will be registered with ARGE Daten for ongoing compliance with data protection. Also, our applications will be based on the new EU data protection regulation, which is due to be enacted by 2018. In addition to data protection law requirements in Austria and the EU, the privacy policies in all countries in which our application is and will be deployed will be checked by legal experts to ensure compliance with the legal requirements and regulations laid down in each country.


The registration, collection and use of such information are subject to stringent data protection and security regulations. Our customer database is heavily protected. We never sell your personal information to third parties. Only authorised personnel are allowed access via our security concepts. Access to data is obtained in encoded form. Consumer passwords need to meet certain criteria and are also stored in encrypted format in the customer database. Indexes which we provide to consumers and retail partners are always presented in an anonymous way (except for personal back office evaluations by individual customers). This is the responsibility of C3 employees who have completed the necessary training to become data protection supervisors.



  • Cashback on things you buy every day – no stars, no points, no other non-monetary benefits but money back
  • Cross-sector usage
  • Personalised and individualised service
  • No unwanted offers & advertisements
  • Exclusive promotions from retail partners
  • Fast accumulation of Cashback
  • Data protection in compliance with the strictest Austrian and EU regulations for data privacy