The digital revolution has changed a lot – and so has customer behaviour!

The digital revolution has changed a lot – and so has customer behaviour! Today’s customers are more powerful than ever: They have a wealth of information sources at their fingertips that they can access anytime and anyplace, they know exactly what they want and don’t want and they use their voices to share and shape opinions effectively on social media. Today’s customers are opinion leaders and retail has to understand that it’s no longer advertisements alone that influence customer behaviour but also the customers themselves who set the trends and thus the tone.


Every business aims at sustainable revenue growth and the key to achieving this is keeping up with customer expectations. The success of every company stands and falls with its ability to set itself apart from the competition and by addressing unmet customer needs create long-term satisfied customers.

Our work is grounded in the fundamental belief that people do not consume products or services – but rather experiences. Thus, C3 has developed a loyalty programme to support national and international retailers in effectively attracting, engaging and nurturing consumer relationships. How? By recognising customer needs, filtering offers and information and delivering the right content to the right person and thereby specifically optimising customer experience.


C3 has recognised the importance of consumers’ view. They want to decide for themselves which offer, content and channel best fits their needs – ensuring the parallel usage of channels (omnichannel) instead of one after another (multichannel). The individualisation of offers and contents, tailored to exactly these needs is the actual innovation in C3’s offer – both to the retailer and the customer.

Our programme aims at delighting customers that are satisfied and thus certainly more loyal.



As the foundation for the company’s own data warehouse, C3 uses an IT infrastructure that is run in international data centres on the basis of the cloud platform Microsoft Azure©, assuring high data security and resilience as well as flexible performance scaling. The data warehouse features a comprehensive database of internal and external sources our strategic business decisions are based on.

The individual customer is at the heart of our programme developed by C3. We are committed to creating shopping experiences that are completely tailored to individual customer needs. To achieve this, we use comprehensive transaction and descriptive data, whereby for the latter – among geographic and sociodemographic – psychographic data such as values, motives and style are of special interest.

C3 wants to create added value for retail partners via descriptive and diagnostic analytics and especially recognise trends and developments in the area of consumption in an increasingly digitalised world to provide on the basis of analytical methods recommendations for action where necessary. To do that, Austria’s leading research centre for data-driven business and big data analytics, the Know-Center helps C3 in the area of recommender systems and big data.



  • boost consumer base
  • boost consumer relations
  • increase daily customer traffic
  • retain customers
  • increase customer revenue
  • increase sales
  • lower customer acquisition and retention costs
  • access to the customer base of other segments
  • opening to a new channel to publicise your brand
  • possibility for holding promotional actions together with other partners
  • provide offers that are more valuable and relevant to the customer
  • payment function