Markt Hartmannsdorf, Austria,


Findings in brain research and psychology confirm C3’s approach of an innovative customer insight: Consumption is rarely solely a utilitarian decision. Experts agree that emotions play a major role in purchasing decisions.

At C3, we use advanced research and customer analytics methods to not only analyse customer behaviour but also identify customer needs and understand motives. Our aim is to provide our retailers with “real” customer insights based on psychographic criteria. Because only those who truly understand their customers, their needs and motives, are able to provide them at the right moment with the right offers.

Thus, we have brought the Know-Center, Austria’s specialist for data-driven business, big data and cognitive computing, on board, supporting us with an experienced team of experts from various fields in the areas of knowledge discovery and social computing. With the aim of summarising information relevant to business decisions, we develop solutions together to issues such as search technologies, machine learning techniques, knowledge extraction from large data bases, visualisation, contextualisation and customisation from information. To do so, our company-own data warehouse lays the foundation for our loyalty programme.

This is how we create evaluations, analyses and predictions about the present and future purchasing behaviour. Customer profiles that are generated this way enable us to define target groups in a novel way, make differentiated behaviour predictions and recommend an optimal targeting. Goods, services or media contents can thus be offered – at the right time – individually to every customer to suit their needs.

In this way, C3 generates value for both trading company and consumer: For retail, new dimensions open up in the new customer acquisition and loyalty, and the customer enjoys a new quality of choice, offer and information, and everything to do with their daily purchases through a personalised approach. And as we all know – only satisfied customers remain sustainably loyal.