Markt Hartmannsdorf, Austria,


Software development, data science, business development or marketing on an international scale – C3 Loyalty Services offers diverse employment opportunities.

If you want to work in an internationally operating company in Austria, your chances are good in the big cities, above all in Vienna. Or would you have thought of a little municipality in Styria at this point?

C3 Loyalty Services is a young dynamic company in Markt Hartmannsdorf situated in the Rittschein valley in Southeast Styria. Not a world metropolis but that’s ok. Thanks to competencies in our staff, investors with a sense for economical innovations and a renowned advisory board, C3 has all the prerequisites to stir up the world of customer loyalty. Even from Markt Hartmannsdorf.


Our loyalty programme is not only interesting to retail partners and consumers in different countries and of diverse cultures, it is the work in the background that provides for many challenges in the respective fields and creates an exciting and varied field of employment.

What could this be? For example, the launch and positioning of a new brand in international markets, the development and realisation of innovative content marketing projects, the programming of our loyalty programme – which has to work for every user at any time via card and app –, or the development of our customer analytics tools for our retail partners enabling them to create individual offers for their customers.


Take a look at our career page and look at our job offers. We can't wait to hear from you!


Flexible working hours

Depending on your individual contract we have a flexible time frame for flexible working hours. Are you an early bird? No problem. Not a morning person? Not an issue either – you can start your day later.

Open communication culture

An open and honest exchange is important to us. Thus, we maintain an open door policy – between departments and responsibility levels.

Caffeine and vitamins

We provide our employees with fruits, coffee and beverages daily and free of charge.

International experiences

Our aim is to establish our loyalty programme on an international scale. Thus, we work with colleagues in different countries and cultures – an exciting task that will enrichen your experiences.

Dynamic growth

We offer the rare opportunity to be part of a company’s journey from its beginnings to its way to international success.

Individual working methods

We have a common goal – the success of our young company. We all do our work responsibly, without restricting hierarchic structures and with freedom for individual ways of working (for example “home office”) and creativity. For this, common agreement and open communication are essential.