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The kaufinBW project is operated in close cooperation with Nussbaum Medien. is a project within the ecosystem of the Nussbaum Medien publishing group. With 10 locations in Baden-Württemberg, Nussbaum Medien publishes local official gazettes and local newspapers for around 390 towns and municipalities, making it the market leader in this genre in a state with a population of more than 11 million. More than 1.1 million households are reached every week.

True to the motto "Strengthening the homeland", promotes the local economy and binds regional purchasing power in Baden-Württemberg. With, local companies not only receive a digital presence, but also professional regional customer loyalty and marketing tools tailored to their target groups, and additionally ensure a permanently high level of attention for the umbrella brand via their print and digital channels.

The philosophy of the project: Home Strengths! 

The current developments (pandemic, isolation, environmental protection, globalization, etc.) have made many people think. There is a TREND that is based on credibility, quality, service, social experiences and can be summarized with the word REGIONALITY. What is happening in my region or home? What creates quality of life?

True to our motto "Strengthening the homeland", supports the local economy, binds purchasing power locally and promotes the attractiveness of entrepreneurs in the regional catchment area and supra-regionally through the digitally extended "store counter".

The kaufinBW-USP: Combining the advantages of online and offline trading

kaufinBW combines the advantages of stationery businesses (trade | commerce | services) with the benefits of the digital world. Success in sales today starts online! kaufinBW gets consumers excited about regional providers, creates digital visibility, generates online sales and brings in new customers.

Various tools are used for kaufinBW, which are put together individually for the participating retail partners based on packages. This toolbox includes, among other things, an online platform with a digital presence, a marketplace with a store, stationary professional customer loyalty, and target-group-specific advertising and marketing tools across many channels. Permanent marketing in print and digital channels ensures high awareness of the kaufinBW BRAND and a positive image - "We are stronger at home"!

Strengthening home using kaufinBW means: creating a network, developing partnerships, inspiring consumers and communicating topics across industries. The goal is to create a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for all participants.

Success starts online, creates digital value on a local and regional basis. Overview for partners here:

Video presentation KaufinBW - Rudolf Knittelfelder:

Our tasks in the project

Nussbaum Medien  decided to partner closely with us in the areas of:

  • Concept development and -consulting
  • Sales development and distribution 
  • Consulting and selection of e-commerce software
  • Multi-vendor customer loyalty system ONU 
  • Analysis and recommendation system onuLytics 
  • Integration of the selected e-commerce system in onuLytics
  • Deployment of the Deals app, native customer app for iOS and Android
  • Deployment of the Terminal app as a simple revenue recognition system for participating merchants as a native iOS and Android app
  • Direct connection of cash register system for automated data transfer for offline purchases 

Together with the kaufinBW-team of the Nussbaum Medien Group, we developed a completely new concept for kaufinBW, which was successfully applied in the market after only a short time. Our sales team was able to win numerous partners for The numerous discussions with entrepreneurs from the retail and service sectors enabled the team to permanently develop the platform further, based on the needs of the entrepreneurs.

Personalization through Onulytics algorithms

With onuLytics, ONU is part of the technical platform of the Nussbaum Media Ecosystem and an important component of kaufinBW. In the first step, the ONU cashback customer loyalty program was integrated into

OnuLytics delivers individual product recommendations from the very first customer contact.

Through the interaction of, the stationary retailers, as well as the Nussbaum - ÖKO system, the regional consumer can benefit in the future from personalized content, offers and information, which will be made available via onuLytics.

In the future, partner companies will benefit from target-group-specific consumer groups, which they can reach via or the Nussbaum Medien ecosystem, as well as from meaningful reports, which will also be made available by onuLytics as live reports.

The KaufinBW-Deals App

Together with the kaufinBW team from Nussbaum Medien, we designed and programmed the "Deals App". The app on an Android and iOS basis takes the offers of the kaufinBW platform, as well as the recommendations collected by onuLytics and plays them out personalized to the user in his stream.

Search for companies, company profiles, company offers, as well as maps and routes to the respective partner locations are of course available. 

The app naturally provides consumers with all the information about their KaufinBW cashback purchases (account management) and the cashback card. Multiple cards can also be linked to one account, with the "digital" card in the smartphone always with them.

Dealer app for IOS and Android

The merchant app is used by participating merchants to easily capture cashback card sales for processing in ONU.

Of course, cash register systems can also be connected directly to ONU, which makes recording even easier for the retailer.

The app maps all sales made. All sales are also available in the KaufinBW backend system.

Analysis and Reporting

The use of the customer loyalty system allows detailed analysis of online and offline shopping and usage behavior and evaluation in comprehensive reports.

More than 300 statistics are available in various reports, clearly divided into five categories.

The reports are available for retrieval around the clock with constantly updated data and can be accessed via any current browser. The automated sending of reports as PDFs can also be set up for different user groups. Only pseudonymized data is available for the evaluations, which ensures data protection.


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