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Our mission

C3 Loyalty Services provides companies with a comprehensive solution to the challenges of digital transformation. We put the consumer at the center of our trade. Only satisfied customers come again. Only fans are loyal. With our customer-retention-system 4.0 and our analytics tool , we have developed tools for retailers, regions and publishers that will delight these and their customers.

who we are

Our consists of retail, trade marketing, customer retention, data science, data engineering and software development specialists. In addition, we have gained the support of experts from the KNOW Center (University of Graz). These decades of experience have been incorporated into the customer retention platform . Enhanced with to successfully analyze data, our partners have completely new ways of interpreting the collected data.


We are expanding our team and looking forward to new employees!

Especially for the areas of PR, marketing, software development (C#, ASP.NET Core, Azure, Web, SQL, Xamarin), Data Science and Data Engineering (Python, R, Scala, Azure DWH) our company is massively expanding.
We offer a pleasant environment with many social benefits, flat hierarchies, excellent training opportunities and pay attention to a good compatibility of leisure, family, and work. If you are interested in actively helping to build new markets and developing our solutions, we look forward to receiving your unsolicited application. Just send us a message to hr@c3-ls.com

Management Team

Marketing, Sales

Rudolf Knittelfelder, Managing Partner

Finance, Administration

Richard Kirschbaum, Managing Partner

IT, Project-management

Markus Hendrich, Managing Partner

Our products

Customer loyalty and analysis

Our products revolve around customer loyalty | ONU and, of course, the analysis of customer data | onuLytics . We offer different versions of our tools, depending on the needs of our customers. We are happy to present our solutions in a conversation LIVE and respond to your wishes, suggestions, and questions. Therefore send us an email to office@c3-ls.com. We are happy to get in touch with you to get to know your company, your company needs and to present our solutions to you in a face to face conversation.



What motivates the consumer with unlimited choice to buy exactly "this" product? What were his buying motives, his buying behavior from the past or his future needs?
Purchase decisions are made according to psychographic patterns. To better foresee these, ONU is based on psychographic models that allow for enhanced customer profiling. Enriched with purchasing history (even across several industries), as well as geographic- and sociographic-data, customer-profiles can be created under completely new "perspectives" and the marketing can be individualized accordingly.
ONU is designed as a shopping-companion that not only delivers personalized offers but also accompanies consumers throughout their buying circle. At any point in time, the consumer receives the information needed to help him or her to take the purchase-decision. Individualized infotainment is the focus here. ONU is a cross-border and cross-industry customer loyalty tool, and can also be used as a merchant-specific "white label" solution for our partners.
We are happy to talk to you about our solution. Just contact us via office@c3-ls.com.


Deep insights including psychography

See the connections between different buying decisions, where at the first glance are none! We help retailers to understand customer behavior and needs of their customers through data-driven-analytics of all offered marketing- and shopping-channels.
Our partners receive detailed customer information through our analysis-tool and onuLytics data-warehouse-solution. Our emotion-driven-analytics is based on the latest psychological and neuroscientific findings.
Our goal is to provide trading partners with the best and most valuable information with which profitable decisions can be made. onuLytics is offered as a cloud-solution and includes life reporting through the world's leading analytics-tool - Tableau. onuLytics offers you descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analysis.
If trading partners already have a successful customer loyalty program in use, but still want improvements in the field of analysis, onuLytics also provides a remedy.
Data protection is very important to us, therefore we process all customer data anonymously.
We are happy to talk to you about our solution. Just contact us via office@c3-ls.com.

Our services

customer loyalty

We are happy to provide our years of expertise in customer loyalty and contribute to optimizing existing solutions or establishing a new customer loyalty program.


Sales professionals are working in our team who can provide companies with critical inputs to increase their sales activities. We also help with the marketing of products.


Our certified Tableau specialists support the high-performance implementation of complex analyzes and reports based on Tableau (desktop or server version).



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